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Man I Hate That Indie Game [Indie] [Jtag RGH] [BEST]

Early in the game, a subtle stone formation was giving me a hell of a time. It would fire an arrow at me whenever I fell in front of it. I tried running and jumping to see if I needed to speed by it, but nothing like that would prevent the arrow from bludgeoning me with the force of a Mike Tyson uppercut.

Man I Hate That Indie Game [Indie] [Jtag RGH]

Eventually, I was carrying a damsel in distress when I was caught between a jumping spider to the right and one of these projectile walls to the left. In order to fight off the spider, I threw the damsel (I know), and she accidentally fell in front of the trap. This set it off (killing the damsel), and I suddenly understood. I realized that I could throw anything (stones or pots) in front of the trap to spring it. It was a moment of revelation that I repeated many times in the game.

A lot of the visuals and music are blandI prefer the look of the original PC game. It had a pixel-art look that indie games may overuse, but it had a lot more character than Spelunky for XBLA. The music is the same way. The developer replaced a chiptune score with a weird synthesized soundtrack that does nothing for me.

Love, between two consenting adults, is a beautiful thing that should be cherished. Why should it matter who those two people are, whether brother/sister, two homosexual people, a man and a woman or otherwise? Why is it acceptable, in a game, to have a relationship between a Dwarf and a Human, but not between (example) two siblings?

Perhaps more importantly, is it worth doing so again if you already have in the past? Topher Cantler and Jonathan Holmes will tackle that question after the jump with their full review of the game.

The Good+ Run button is RT. Jump button is A. This is amazing because it's exactly the same as the 2010 indie platformer classic Super Meat Boy. I think Meat Boy actually defined a standard here, and other X360 platformers are proud to follow this standard.

Game programming, design and arts are done by just two men (mostly just Derek Yu). It's one of those "one-man indie games", Braid, Cave Story, and you can feel that Spelunky has a very unified design and all the pieces fit together very well.

Spelunky was one of the inspirations behind the hit sandbox game and one of the best games ever made, Terraria.No, seriously, Terraria is so awesome, anything that contributed to its success also gets bragging rights.

(The list doesn't end) Spelunky was also one of the Souls-like games that came out just a year before the original Demon's Souls. Now Spelunky is often regarded as the Dark Souls of platformers. It is certainly the biggest reason why I started playing, and keep playing Dark Souls, and that's a huge achievement right there.

I always rob the shop with the Freeze Ray in that shop, and grab the Shotgun and loads of bombs. Nothing feels better than having 30+ bombs in a Spelunky run and just bomb everything you don't like. This is good gameplay.

You can start a co-op game (you just need two controllers, no need for a second person), carry the second player to the Kali Altar and sacrifice them. Find a princess in the same level and sacrifice her too. You get an achievement. It's a sweet little trick that brings a smile to my face.

If you look up the article List of video games notable for speedrunning on Wikipedia, you get a total of seven mentions. Doom, Quake, Super Metroid, yeah those are familiar classics, no doubt about that. However, one of these seven games is Spelunky. I just found this amazing. A game that came out just a few years ago is already in the Speedrunning Hall of Fame along with Super Metroid. (I know it's probably just one fan really eager to put it in the article, but still...)The BadLots of people say Spelunky is perfectly designed and executed. It's hard to find any flaws. For once I actually agree. I've spent many many hours Spelunking and have enjoyed myself every time I play it. But if I could change just one thing, this would be it. 041b061a72


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