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Ek Adhbut Dakshina... Guru Dakshina 3: A Tale of Dance, Love, and Revenge - Watch Online or Download

Ek Adhbut Dakshina... Guru Dakshina 3 Full Movie Review: A Dance Drama with a Twist

Ek Adhbut Dakshina... Guru Dakshina 3 is a Hindi movie that was released in 2015. It is a sequel to Ek Adhbut Dakshina... Guru Dakshina (2015) and Ek Adhbut Dakshina... Guru Dakshina 2 (2016). The movie is directed by Kiran Phadnis and stars Sulagna Panigrahi, Rajesh Shringarpore, Girish Karnad, Roopa Ganguly, Shanti Lal Mukherjee, and Yasmine Ponappa. The movie is a dance drama that revolves around the lives of Dev, an orphaned boy who becomes a disciple of Guruji, a dance master; Sanjukta, Guruji's daughter who marries Gambhira, a Naxalite; and Gambhira, who has a hidden agenda behind his marriage. The movie explores the themes of love, loyalty, betrayal, and revenge through the art of Chhau dance.

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Ek Adhbut Dakshina... Guru Dakshina 3 is a movie that tells the story of Dev (Rajesh Shringarpore), an orphaned boy who is adopted by Guruji (Girish Karnad), a renowned dance master who runs a dance academy in Kolkata. Dev has a natural talent for dancing and impresses Guruji with his skills. He also develops a one-sided love for Sanjukta (Sulagna Panigrahi), Guruji's daughter who is also a dancer. However, Sanjukta falls for Gambhira (Shanti Lal Mukherjee), a Chhau dancer who comes to Kolkata to perform at a festival. Gambhira seems to be a charming and passionate man who woos Sanjukta with his dance and poetry. However, he is actually a Naxalite who has a secret mission to assassinate a politician. Dev tries to warn Sanjukta about Gambhira's true intentions but she does not listen to him and elopes with Gambhira. Dev is heartbroken and feels betrayed by Sanjukta and Guruji, who gives his blessings to the couple. Dev decides to leave Kolkata and pursue his dance career elsewhere. However, fate has other plans for him as he meets with a terrible accident that leaves him crippled and disfigured. He is rescued by a mysterious woman named Maya (Roopa Ganguly), who nurses him back to health and teaches him a new form of Chhau dance that is more aggressive and violent. Dev vows to take revenge on Gambhira for ruining his life and Guruji's, who dies of a heart attack after learning about Gambhira's treachery. Dev returns to Kolkata as a masked dancer and challenges Gambhira to a dance duel that will decide their fate.

Plot Summary

The movie begins with a flashback of Dev's childhood, where he is shown as an orphan who lives on the streets and earns money by dancing. He is spotted by Guruji, who is impressed by his talent and offers to take him under his wing. Dev agrees and joins Guruji's dance academy, where he learns the art of Chhau dance, a traditional folk dance form that originated in eastern India. Chhau dance involves wearing masks and enacting stories from mythology and folklore. Dev becomes Guruji's favorite disciple and forms a close bond with him. He also develops feelings for Sanjukta, Guruji's daughter, who is also a dancer. However, Sanjukta does not reciprocate his love and treats him as a friend.

One day, a Chhau dance troupe from Purulia comes to Kolkata to perform at a festival. The leader of the troupe is Gambhira, a charismatic and handsome man who captivates the audience with his dance and poetry. Sanjukta is smitten by him and goes to meet him backstage. Gambhira flirts with her and invites her to join his troupe. Sanjukta agrees and decides to leave Kolkata with him. Dev tries to stop her and warns her that Gambhira is not what he seems. He reveals that he has overheard Gambhira talking to his associates about a plan to assassinate a politician who is attending the festival. Gambhira is actually a Naxalite, a member of an armed rebel group that fights against the government. Sanjukta does not believe Dev and accuses him of being jealous and lying. She tells him that she loves Gambhira and wants to marry him.

Dev is devastated and confronts Guruji, who tells him that he knows about Gambhira's identity but he trusts Sanjukta's choice. He says that he has given his blessings to the couple and asks Dev to do the same. Dev feels betrayed by Guruji and Sanjukta and decides to leave Kolkata. He boards a bus that takes him to another city, where he hopes to start a new life as a dancer. However, on the way, the bus meets with an accident caused by a bomb blast planted by Gambhira's men. The blast kills most of the passengers and injures Dev severely. He is thrown out of the bus and lands in a ditch, where he lies unconscious.

He is found by Maya, a mysterious woman who lives in a hut nearby. She takes him to her hut and treats his wounds. She also performs plastic surgery on his face using her own tools and skills. She tells him that she was once a doctor but she left her profession after her husband was killed by Naxalites. She says that she has been living in isolation ever since and has learned Chhau dance from an old master who lives in the forest. She says that she can teach Dev a new form of Chhau dance that is more powerful and ruthless than the one he knows.

Dev agrees to learn from Maya and undergoes a rigorous training under her guidance. He also learns that Guruji has died of a heart attack after finding out that Gambhira has betrayed Sanjukta and left her for another woman. Dev blames himself for Guruji's death and vows to take revenge on Gambhira for destroying his life and Guruji's. He also learns that Gambhira has become a powerful politician who is running for elections in Kolkata.

Dev decides to return to Kolkata as a masked dancer and challenge Gambhira to a dance duel that will expose his crimes and end his reign of terror. He contacts Sanjukta, who is now living in an ashram as a widow, and asks her to help him in his mission. Sanjukta agrees and apologizes to Dev for her mistake. She says that she still loves him and wants to be with him.

Dev arrives in Kolkata as Maya's troupe member and performs at various events that attract a lot of attention and praise. He also sends a message to Gambhira, challenging him to a dance duel at the final event of the festival. Gambhira accepts the challenge, thinking that Dev is just another dancer who wants to compete with him. He does not recognize Dev as his former rival and victim.

The day of the duel arrives and Dev and Gambhira face each other on the stage. They perform their respective forms of Chhau dance, with Dev wearing a mask that covers his face. The audience is mesmerized by their performance and cheers for them. However, as the duel progresses, Dev reveals his true identity and motive to Gambhira by removing his mask and showing his scars. He also accuses Gambhira of being a traitor and a murderer who killed Guruji and many others. He exposes Gambhira's crimes to the audience and the media, who are shocked and outraged by the revelation.

Gambhira tries to deny the allegations and escape from the scene, but Dev does not let him go. He attacks Gambhira with his dance moves and injures him badly. He then delivers the final blow by stabbing him with a dagger that he had hidden in his costume. He says that this is his adhbut dakshina, or extraordinary offering, to his guru, who taught him everything he knows. He says that this is his way of avenging Guruji's death and honoring his legacy.

Dev then collapses on the stage, bleeding from his wounds. Sanjukta rushes to his side and holds him in her arms. She cries and begs him not to die. She tells him that she loves him and wants to live with him. Dev smiles and tells her that he loves her too and that he is happy that he has fulfilled his duty as a disciple. He says that he has no regrets and that he is ready to die in peace. He then closes his eyes and breathes his last.


The Good

Ek Adhbut Dakshina... Guru Dakshina 3 is a movie that has some positive aspects that make it worth watching. Some of them are:

  • The movie showcases the art of Chhau dance, which is a rare and beautiful form of folk dance that has a rich history and cultural significance. The movie depicts the various styles of Chhau dance, such as Seraikella, Purulia, and Mayurbhanj, and their differences in costumes, masks, movements, and themes. The movie also explains the meaning and symbolism of Chhau dance, which is based on stories from Hindu mythology and folklore. The movie pays tribute to the Chhau dancers who have preserved this art form for generations and have faced many challenges and hardships in doing so.

  • The movie uses music and cinematography to create an engaging and immersive experience for the viewers. The movie has a melodious and catchy soundtrack composed by Ismail Darbar, who has also sung some of the songs himself. The songs are well-written and suit the mood and tone of the movie. The movie also has some stunning visuals that capture the beauty and diversity of India's landscapes, culture, and people. The movie uses different colors, lighting, angles, and shots to convey the emotions and atmosphere of each scene.

  • The movie portrays the themes of love, loyalty, betrayal, and revenge in a compelling and dramatic way. The movie explores the complex relationships between Dev, Sanjukta, Guruji, and Gambhira, and how they change over time due to various circumstances. The movie shows how love can be both a blessing and a curse, how loyalty can be tested by temptation and betrayal, how betrayal can lead to hatred and vengeance, and how revenge can be satisfying but also destructive. The movie also shows how dance can be a medium of expression, communication, and confrontation for these characters.

The Bad

However, Ek Adhbut Dakshina... Guru Dakshina 3 is not without its flaws. Some of them are:

  • The movie suffers from poor editing, dialogues, and logic. The movie has many scenes that are either unnecessary or repetitive or inconsistent or illogical or all of the above. The movie also has many dialogues that are either cheesy or cliched or awkward or unrealistic or all of the above. The movie also has many plot holes and loopholes that make it hard to believe or follow.

The movie fails to develop the characters and their motivations properly. The movie does not give enough background or depth to the characters or explain why they do what they do. The movie also does not show how the characters grow or change over time or learn from their mistakes or experiences. The movie also does not make the viewers care about or empathize with the characters or their plight. b70169992d


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