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WORK Download Schlumberger PIPESIM 2021 687 (x64) Zip

The PIPESIM 2021.1 Python Tool Kit (PTK) comes with a new distribution package from Anaconda. With this package, we enable engineers, data scientists, and software engineers across the oil and gas industry to automate domain workflows leveraging the PIPESIM steady-stage multiphase flow simulator. With PIPESIM 2021.1 and Anaconda together, operators are building high-value operational digital twins to optimize their flow assurance strategies.The installation of PTK does not include a code editor. We recommend downloading and installing VS Code, which is a popular open-source code editor by Microsoft with a rich ecosystem of extensions. The PTK installer includes VSCodium, which is a freely licensed binary distribution of VS Code, which can be used as an alternative. The PIPESIM 2021.1 PTK supports these additional PIPESIM simulator functionalities:

Download Schlumberger PIPESIM 2021 687 (x64) zip



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