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Buy Facebook Verification Badge [PATCHED]

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has introduced a new subscription service, Meta Verified, that provides users the opportunity to acquire the highly sought-after blue verification badge on their Instagram and Facebook accounts. Users can achieve this by verifying their identity for a monthly fee of up to $15.

buy facebook verification badge


In response, Meta has expressed its intent to develop a valuable subscription service for creators, businesses, and the wider community. As part of this plan, Meta is expanding access to verification and redefining the meaning of the verified badge so that more people can trust that the accounts they are interacting with are authentic.

This package is for people with no former PR. Our company will have to create a long list of articles and publish them on various news outlets, which is very time-consuming (and costly). will include a FREE Instagram verification with this package as a bonus.

Just like for individuals, this package comes with a free Instagram profile verification. You get two accounts verified in one shot. The timeline of completion is lengthy, but PR work is costly and takes time.

If you believe you have the press required to become verified, you can use ViralAccounts to start the verification process directly. We have direct contact with Facebook representatives who will review and process our submission on your behalf. And not to worry, we will refund you in full if your application gets rejected.

The Facebook team will bless you once you shake hands with us. Your post will get noticed and more engagements by our Facebook blue verification badge. Witness digital fame without bars and hassle because it's easy for us to guide you perfectly. Feel like a celebrity with us.

Protect your brand to get it done with safe hands. The badge will protect your brand from external threats and hacking attacks. Your brand is your digital home, where you invest 24/7. It's your digital right to make your digital home secure by having a trusted Facebook verification agency.

I recently got blue tick verified on Facebook and Instagram, and I must say, the process was seamless and efficient. I appreciate BTS's efforts to simplify the verification process for its customers.

Initially, I wasn't sure if investing in blue tick verification for my Instagram was worth it, but the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and efficient efforts convinced me otherwise. So happy I made the decision!

Facebook Pages are a great way to share information. With your friends and family and build a large audience all from one page. But, if you want to do more than share information, like add a poll, you will need to verify your page. Verification is done through a blue badge that can be found in the Pages section of the Facebook app. If you are interested in adding a poll to your Page, you will need to verify your page.

Facebook page verification can be a great tool for building your online brand. Helping you build credibility and credibility with your demographic. And connecting with new people. It also allows your account to be protected from spam and other forms of abuse. As well as offers two-factor authentication for accessing your account.

Facebook knows the importance of having a good social presence. To attract new fans and customers, companies, organizations. And individuals will have businesses pages on Facebook, and Twitter. Facebook rewards businesses and brands for their social presence by allowing them. To add a verification badge to their pages.

Significant of Buying Facebook Page Verification. There are a lot of importance to buying Facebook page verification. Facebook users should be aware of the information that they would set in their version.

Of course, buying page verification is always safe by maintaining the proper rules and regulations. Plus, you should find out an expert. And experienced team service to complete your task successfully.

Facebook verification is a badge that Facebook page admins can add to their brand pages. This verification is considered a sign of authenticity. And means that Facebook has verified that the page in question is authentic. But do you need it for your brand page? Should you buy Facebook page verification? Find out here!

Is my Facebook account qualified for verification?We Blue Badge your Facebook profile and recommend changes needed to get it verified. Your Facebook page requires being active, and you should have a response on your posts and followers.

Do I need many particular followers to get verified?Getting Facebook page verification has nothing to do with the lot of followers you have. What will matter with your online notability? Being featured in the social media platform with content on notable publication help.

Verifying social media accounts began with Twitter in 2009 as a way to mark genuine accounts of public figures or notable organizations. Facebook followed suit with its own blue verification checkmark in 2013. The practice was then introduced to Instagram in 2014.

Facebook has simplified its verification process in recent years. You may have heard about gray checkmarks or Facebook Marketplace verification. However, both of these programs have been discontinued.

Want to apply for Facebook verification but lack notability in the press? Our professional media team get you covered on news channels to boost your overall notability. This is a key requirement for anyone seeking to apply for Facebook verification. Fast, discreet PR notability service that can also be used for other channels including Instagram, TikTok and Youtube verification.

Equally, they may determine that one of the other factors are not aligned with their requirements and may even decline a request with millions of followers and a lot of media. It is therefore important to understand all 4 requirements for verification.

Ever searched up a celebrity, well-known brand or personality (of course you have)? Chances are that you will get tons of search results that come up, with everything from fan accounts to troll accounts appearing in the results. However, the actual entity is often right at the top of the list with a little blue badge next to it as an identifier that sets the real account apart from the rest.

Be wary of scams though and always double check the URL that is asking for your verification details. Remember that Facebook will never ask you to send them your login details and password via any other channel apart from the official login page or official password change URL.

Once verification is complete, Facebook will first have to check if a link that is shared to a Facebook page is coming from a verified domain. Thereafter they can ascertain if the Facebook page is allowed to edit link previews for that specific page.

Simply put, domain verification is a way of letting Facebook know that you in fact do own the website that is being used. The process will require users to add bits of code to their website, this will then get searched for by Facebook in order to verify that it is you. One can almost equate the system to hiding a spare key in a specific pot plant. Only those that know exactly where to look and what they are looking for will be able to find it.

This service might be one of the quickest ways to get your verification provided that other elements of your profile comply with Facebooks rules and criteria. Racking up social media verification badges are the modern day equivalent of getting the ultimate Scouts badge. It lets people know that you are in fact a big deal and that your brand (personal or professional) is one to keep an eye out for. Getting a verification badge on social media however, is slightly more tricky than helping a little old lady cross the street or selling the most Thin Mint cookies.

Facebook will immediately dismiss any submissions for verified accounts if the account/page is incomplete. The minimum requirements for a complete account includes having an About section, Page or profile photo as well as recent activity which includes at least one post. However, in order to really stand out we recommend updating your facebook header to something relative to your brand and posting consistent valuable content.

Getting your Facebook account verified is a great way to prove your authenticity and credibility to your online audience. The verification badge can also help your Facebook Page rank higher in search results on the platform. This makes it easier for potential customers to find your business.

Facebook verification refers to the process of getting an account or Page verified. When Facebook verifies an account, it adds a blue checkmark beside the account name to show other users that the account is authentic.

Getting that coveted blue checkmark on your Facebook profile is as easy as filling out a single page verification request form. But if you want the best chance at getting your application accepted, there are some things you need to do first.

On the verification form, Facebook asks you to prove that your account is notable enough to be verified. In essence, they want to know that your account is prominent enough to be at risk of impersonation.

I never verified my facebook account in ever. One day my friend told me to verify my FB account but I will ignore and he suggests me to read your this post. And after reading your post I can understand that how much important the FB verification. Thanks for guiding.

Hello, if this thread is still active, can you please explain how to get in help from FB, because once I submit the form for the verification, instantly I get a negative reply, like in a second after my submission. Is there another way to check why it goes wrong?

For $11.99 a month on the web and $14.99 a month on IOS, ordinary Instagram and Facebook users can purchase a blue verification badge. As announced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Feb. 19, the subscription service is called Meta Verified and its launch has sparked controversy. 041b061a72


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